StLGoalies has a mission is to provide its clients with an overall training style that
can give you a better physical and mental understanding of the game while giving
you the best training that you and your team deserves.

StLGoalies trains mainly on an individual basis so that every little nuance in
goalkeeper skills are achieved. Group training is available.

Knowledge from the STLGoalies comes from being trained and coached from a
diversity of teams. From the high school level to the professional level,
STLGoalies uses these resources in training sessions in conjunction with its own
training styles and exercises.

Coaching experiences range from peewee to college aged Players. Both Males and
Females at any level in their career

Training styles used are hard-nosed get down to business wanting  things done
the correct way while understanding the concepts associated with goal-tending.

STLGoalies in providing you with a high quality training experience for LIFE.
Mission Statement