Goal Keeper Training Services and Costs
Services I Provide:

Training consists of the
basic movements,  physical
, and mental
thought exercises.

Basic movements will be
the training around the
goalkeeper area, sliding,
jumping and diving.

Workouts will be based on
fitness and how well you
know the game.

Mental Thought you can
be the strongest and
fastest at what you do, but
if you have no concept of
the game you will fail when
it comes time to think and
to react.

Some days there will be no
talking and just training,
other days will be a lot of
talking and not much of a
physical work out session.

I will evaluate you on what
I think  you need.  It can
and most likely will be
changed during the course
of training.  There is no set
plan that we will follow. It
all depends on your fitness
and what we did for that
Training will be at the locations
provided in the
"home" page.  
Locations other than those listed
might be an extra charge for
travel expenses.  I am very
flexible with where I will meet
you to train.